Our recommendations

Department of Corrections: Managing offenders to reduce reoffending.

We recommend that the Department of Corrections:

  1. continue to investigate ways to improve its scheduling system so it can support rehabilitation and reintegration after an offender has completed a rehabilitation programme;
  2. continue to strengthen the alignment between case managers and probation officers. We encourage the Department to ensure that the knowledge and experience of other prison staff is used in managing and transitioning offenders from prison into the community; and
  3. use a survey tool that will:
    • provide a more consistent approach throughout the Department for collecting feedback from offenders and stakeholders;
    • measure the factors that are important to New Zealanders when receiving public services;
    • fit with the offender-centric approach that takes into account the offender's circumstances and what works for offenders to stop reoffending; and
    • allow the Department to benchmark with other justice sector entities, such as the Police and courts.