Appendix 2 : The number and types of public entities that we collected information about asset management from

Managing public assets.

We asked our auditors to provide us with asset information about public entities that have assets valued at more than $2 million, chosen because of their large asset holdings and to represent public assets as a whole.

The entities that we received information about are listed below. Subsidiary public entities with significant assets have been included.

Number of public entities
Central government Government departments 28
Crown entities – tertiary education institutions 31
Crown entities – Crown research institutes 8
Crown entities – district health boards 22
Other Crown entities 22
State-owned enterprises 18
Other central government entities 12

Local government Local authorities 77
Council-controlled organisations 51
Airports 12
Ports 15
Electricity lines businesses 24
Other local government entities 14
We did not collect information from the following types of public entities because they are relatively small and own no significant assets:
Excluded entities Administering bodies and boards
Cemetery trustees
Fish and game councils
Māori trust boards
Licensing and community trusts
Rural Education Activities Programmes
Schools (but school assets are included with the Ministry of Education's assets)

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