6. Receiving gifts, free or heavily discounted services or preferential treatment because of my role in my organisation is ...

Public Sector Fraud Awareness Survey - Findings: Fraud prevention.


Respondents could select more than one answer for this question.

66.8% of respondents indicated it was reasonable to accept a gift provided it was of a nominal value and their manager was made aware of the gift. Subject to the organisation’s policy, the gift should be recorded in a gift register.

Question 6: Receiving gifts, free or heavily discounted services or preferential treatment because of my role in my organisation is ...

Some "please specify" answers include:

“We allow staff to keep corporate gifts received at Xmas provided they are below a prearranged limit. Where staff are offered gifts over the limit (i.e. trip to a rugby game in another city) the CEO is the sole approver. He assesses each case on its merits providing there is no opportunity or likelihood of influence on that officer.”

“Below $60, cash never to be accepted, letter of thanks, shared amongst team where for team effort and declared to manager.”

“Exceptions can be made with approval of a Group General Manager”.

“Acceptable, but then go into a pool and given to staff at Christmas, have to tell the giver that this is our policy.”

“Must be declared to my manager when over a certain limit and added to an internal register for any gifts received. Clear guidelines in policy when gifts will not be accepted irrespective of monetary value.”

PwC comment:
The receipt of gifts or entertainment by public entities is a matter of significant public interest in New Zealand. It is important that entities have clear guidelines and policies on what their staff are allowed to receive, and in what circumstances. The receipt of gifts should not, under any circumstances, be seen as a reward or inducement that could place the employee under an obligation to a third party.

“Students or parents occasionally give gifts at end of year as thank you - unsolicited and not accepted if expensive.”

“It needs to be acceptable (without having to declare to manager) when students bring in small gifts for teachers, that are either to be shared in class (students sometimes bring food) or are gifts of appreciation (i.e. not a gift for a hoped for benefit). It is in fact very hard to decline such gifts and doing so can cause offence that may affect a student's continuing attendance . Other than that, gifts need to be declared.”

“Visiting overseas delegations will offer and present a gift which is accepted, as it is appropriate to do so within the culture of the visitors and to do otherwise would offend.”

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