Appendix 6: Change indicators suggested by New Zealand Police staff

Response of the New Zealand Police to the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct: First monitoring report.

The following is a list of potential indicators (direct or indirect) of changes to the Police culture, behaviours, or attitudes that were suggested by Police staff during our interviews with them:

  • absence of, or reduction in the number of, complaints against Police;
  • amount of discussion within Police about what good policing is;
  • attitude and disposition of staff at police stations and in the community;
  • Code of Conduct related complaints about Police;
  • complaints against Police including the numbers upheld (we were told that “complaints are all about public confidence”);
  • length of time in a position – especially for supervisors;
  • levels of collective problem-solving;
  • number of leaks of information;
  • number of personal grievances and disputes;
  • number of rewards and awards received by Police;
  • numbers of applications for vacant positions;
  • public satisfaction surveys;
  • standard of Police dress, including wearing of caps (an indicator of professionalism);
  • statistics on use of force by Police; and
  • time and investment in leadership development.
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