Appendix 3: Initiatives under way at the time of the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct

Response of the New Zealand Police to the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct: First monitoring report.

This information appeared in Volume 2, Appendix 4 (pages 117-118) of the Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct.

Police initiatives/Projects Description
Governance project Addressing the role of the Police Executive Committee, examining possibility of community input into police governance. Looking at way police manage emerging risks – operational and administrative. Includes establishment of the Assurance Committee.
Culture review Will make recommendations on ways to minimise improper behaviour and improve job satisfaction within police.
Service Delivery Project Designed to enhance services to public who interact with police. Includes recommendations from “the 111 review” 2005 and enhancing delivery of services to the victims of crime.
Integrity Project To ensure Police remain free of corruption. Encompasses review of Professional Standards function and way internal investigations are conducted and overseen.
Improving diversity within New Zealand Police Includes recruitment and retention of more women and ethnic minorities.
Protocol with Police Complaints Authority (PCA) Clarifying the respective roles of New Zealand Police and PCA investigators when investigating the same matter.
Police Prosecution Service Developing guidelines on use of Crown solicitors in operational and prosecutorial contexts (including consideration of circumstance in which external advice should be taken when police consider laying charges against police staff ).
Adult Sexual Assault Investigation Policy Developing mechanisms for keeping the policy under review, and ensuring compliance with it in practice.
Police liaison with Doctors for Sexual Abuse Care (DSAC) Improving the coordination with DSAC by establishing a national point of contact in the Office of the Commissioner.
Corporate Instrument Review Project A comprehensive review of all aspects of policy-making and the various documents in which police policy is recorded, designed to review and streamline all police policies and procedures.
Inappropriate relationships Development of a policy and guidelines on inappropriate relationships by police officers.
Standard commendation letters Police officers facing criminal or disciplinary charges who resign no longer receive standard commendation letters from Human Resources.
Code of conduct for sworn members Developing a code of conduct for sworn members within the existing legislative framework.
Integration of Human Resources and Professional Standards sections Bringing together the two areas so that they are no longer regarded as separate entities.
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