Appendix 2: Our policing familiarisation and interviews

Response of the New Zealand Police to the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct: First monitoring report.


We observed the work of, and spoke to, Police staff in three Areas and two specialist units to familiarise ourselves with the work of the Police. This included accompanying police responding to incidents on a Saturday evening shift in Wellington and in Lower Hutt.

We carried out our familiarisation work before we started our audit fieldwork.

During our familiarisation work, we observed and spoke to:

  • a Police station supervisor;
  • Area Commanders;
  • Community Constables;
  • Community Engagement staff;
  • general duties staff;
  • Highway Patrol staff;
  • staff in the Central Communications Centre;
  • staff in the Wellington Police Maritime Unit;
  • staff working in family violence teams;
  • Traffic Police staff; and
  • Youth Aid staff.


We also interviewed Police staff in a range of locations as part of our audit fieldwork. Some of these people were staff with constabulary powers, while others were staff without constabulary powers.

We interviewed one or more staff in each of the following ranks:

  • Commissioner;
  • Deputy Commissioner;
  • Assistant Commissioner;
  • Superintendent;
  • Chief Inspector;
  • Detective Inspector;
  • Inspector;
  • Detective Senior Sergeant;
  • Senior Sergeant;
  • Detective Sergeant; and
  • Sergeant.

Our interviews were conducted in the Auckland region, in the Eastern District (Hawke's Bay and the East Coast), and at Police National Headquarters in Wellington.

Our District interviews were with Police staff with a wide range of functional responsibilities. These responsibilities included:

  • a Tactical Co-ordinator;
  • Custody Sergeant;
  • District and Area Commanders;
  • Human Resources and Policing Development Managers;
  • Officer in charge of the Criminal Investigation Branch; and
  • Station Supervisors.

We interviewed District managers and national and senior managers in Police National Headquarters. We also interviewed members of the Police's Commission of Inquiry team at Police National Headquarters.

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