Department of Conservation: Administration of the Conservation Services Programme – Follow-up audit.


Part 1 – Introduction

  • Our previous inquiry
  • How we conducted our follow-up audit

Part 2 – Justification for funding research as a conservation service

  • Conservation services research projects and application of the cost recovery framework
  • Commercial fishing’s effect on the black petrel
  • Explicit assurance for the Minister of Fisheries

Part 3 – Application of the cost recovery rules

  • Estimating risk to protected species
  • Population management plan for the New Zealand sea lion
  • Resolving disputes about risk estimation and cost recovery assessments

Part 4 – Consulting on the annual plan

  • Inviting written submissions on draft annual plans, and circulating those submissions

Part 5 – Information on under- and over-recovery of costs

  • Providing the Ministry of Fisheries with timely expenditure information
  • Providing the Minister of Fisheries with information the Minister is required to consider

Part 6 – Management of the observer programme

  • Observer days: Availability of information and using the days levied

Part 7 – A strategic plan for the Conservation Services Programme

  • Preparing a strategic plan for the Conservation Services Programme

Part 8 – Accountability for the Conservation Services Programme

  • Including more information in the annual plan

Part 9 – Implementing the results of research

  • Translating research into improved fishing practices
  • Transparency in considering if research results should change the direction and content of the Conservation Services Programme


  • Our 2002 inquiry recommendations

Figure 1 – Relationship between the Conservation Services Programme’s strategic plan, research plan, and annual plan

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