Appendix 2: Allowances available to members of Parliament and members of the Executive

Parliamentary salaries, allowances and other entitlements.

The following tables outline the allowances payable to members of Parliament. They are based on information contained in the Parliamentary Salaries and Allowances Determination 2000, and Schedule E of the Report of the Representation Commission 1998.

Table A:
Allowances to Reimburse Actual and Reasonable Expenses

Allowances to reimburse actual and reasonable expenses Maximum amounts claimable on production of proof of expense (receipt etc)
Travelling allowance
Reimbursement to a pre-set level for accommodation costs incurred by a member of the Executive.
$320 per day or part day.
$480 per day or part day if attending an official function and their spouse is required to attend.
Night allowance
Reimbursement to a pre-set level available for MPs staying overnight over 100 km from their primary place of residence.
$160 per night (if staying in Wellington, six month cap of $9,100 for an MP or $10,100 for a Whip or Party Leader applies).
Wellington accommodation allowance
Reimbursement to a pre-set level for MPs, whose primary place of residence is outside the Wellington Commuting Area but who incur accommodation costs in the Wellington Commuting Area.
$8,000 for an MP or $8,500 for a Whip or Party Leader for each 6-month period.
Car reimbursement
Reimbursement for costs incurred by an MP in using their private car for work purposes.
Rate paid is in accordance with the standard rates prescribed by the Inland Revenue Department.
Allowance for purchase of a motor vehicle
Payable to Constituency MPs, but offset against their constituency allowance.
$7,200-$18,000, depending on electorate.
Security system allowance
Reimbursement to a pre-set level of costs for installing a security system.
$400 for installation of system.
$600 for annual costs of monitoring and call-outs.

Table B:
Allowances to Reimburse Expected Expenses

Allowances to reimburse expected expenses Amounts payable:
Basic expenses allowance
Members of the Executive, the Leader of the Opposition and other Party Leaders cannot claim basic allowances available to ordinary MPs, in addition to their specific allowances.
$ Members of the Executive
25,500 Prime Minister
13,000 Deputy Prime Minister
12,000 Ministers
10,500 Other members of the Executive Council
9,500 Parliamentary Under-Secretaries
$ Other Members of Parliament
12,000 Speaker
9,500 Deputy Speaker
7,000 Assistant Speakers
12,000 Leader of the Opposition
7,000-10,000 Other party leaders (depending on the number of party members)
7,000 Ordinary MPs (Electorate and List
Office[-holder] expense allowance
To provide for expenses incurred in connection with the offices of Speaker, Deputy Speaker, or Assistant Speaker of the House of Representatives. Additional allowance for Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and for Deputy Leaders of Parties.
8,500 Speaker
7,500 Deputy Speaker
1,000 Assitant Speaker
6,000 Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade
2,000 Deputy Leader of Party
Constituency allowance
Not paid to the Leader of the Opposition, members of the Executive, the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker, or List MPs.
8,000-20,000 Depending on size of electorate – see Table C
House allowance
Paid to each member of the Executive not already allocated a residence at public cost, and (if he or she resides in the Wellington Commuting Area) to the Leader of the Opposition where the appropriate criteria are met.

House and grounds maintenance allowance
Paid to members of the Executive and (if he or she resides in the Wellington Commuting Area) the Leader of the Opposition to assist with costs of maintenance of their primary place of residence.

Day allowance
Payable to all MPs, except members of the Executive, when they are away from their primary place of residence and engaged on Parliamentary business, but not claimed by Constituency MPs when they are in their electorate.
$56 for a day or a day on which Parliamentary business is 6 hours or more, $28 for a day on which Parliamentary business is less than 6 hours but more than 4 hours

Table C:
Rates of Constituency Allowance

Electorate Name Classification33 Rate of
Electorate Name Classification33 Rate of
Albany A 8,000 Bay of Plenty D 16,000
Christchurch Central A 8,000 Karapiro D 16,000
Epsom A 8,000 Port Waikato D 16,000
Ilam A 8,000 Rotorua D 16,000
Mangere A 8,000 Tukituki D 16,000
Manurewa A 8,000 Whanganui D 16,000
Maungakiekie A 8,000

Mt Albert A 8,000 Aoraki E 18,000
Mt Roskill A 8,000 Coromandel E 18,000
North Shore A 8,000 Hauraki E 18,000
Pakuranga A 8,000 Northland E 18,000
Tamaki A 8,000 Rakaia E 18,000
Tauranga A 8,000 Rangitikei E 18,000
Te Atatu A 8,000 Wairarapa E 18,000
Wellington Central A 8,000

Wigram A 8,000 Clutha-Southland F 19,000

Kaikoura F 19,000
Christchurch East B 11,000 East Coast F 19,000
Dunedin North B 11,000 Otago F 19,000
Dunedin South B 11,000 Taranaki-King Country F 19,000
Hamilton West B 11,000 Taupo F 19,000
Hutt South B 11,000 Te Tai Tokerau F 19,000
Mana B 11,000 Wairariki F 19,000
Manukau East B 11,000

New Plymouth B 11,000 Ikaroa-Rawhiti G 20,000
Ohariu-Belmont B 11,000 Te Tai Hauauru G 20,000
Palmerston North B 11,000 Te Tai Tonga G 20,000
Rimutaka B 11,000 West Coast-Tasman G 20,000

Auckland Central C 14,000

Hamilton East C 14,000

Waitakere C 14,000

Hunua C 14,000

Invercargill C 14,000

Napier C 14,000

Nelson C 14,000

Otaki C 14,000

Banks Peninsula C 14,000

Rodney C 14,000

Rongotai C 14,000

Waimakariri C 14,000

Titirangi C 14,000

Whangarei C 14,000

33: As classified by the Representation Commission 1998 for the purposes of the Higher Salaries Commission Act 1977.

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