Appendix C: Statutory Provisions Requiring the Special Order Process

Public Consultation and Decision-making in Local Government.
Land Drainage Act 1908 Section 16 Subdivision of drainage districts.
Land Drainage Amendment Act 1920 Section 2 Representation of subdivisions.
Litter Act 1979 Section 13 Territorial authorities may adopt infringement notice provisions.
Local Government Act 1974 Section 228 Council may purchase land by instalments.

Section 316 Property in roads.

Section 320 Certain powers as to roads to be exercised by special order.

Section 329 Road gradients.

Section 336 Pedestrian malls.

Section 338 Council may grant right to lay petroleum conduit pipes along or under road.

Section 345 Disposal of land not required for road.

Section 346A Declaration and revocation of limited access roads.

Section 361 Establishment or abolition of toll gates at bridges, tunnels, and ferries.

Section 377 Constitution of water supply areas.

Section 423 Constitution, alteration, and union of water race areas.

Section 424 Subdivision of water-race areas.

Section 427 Discontinuance of water race.

Section 429 Water channel may be declared water race.

Section 432 Appointment of managing ratepayers.

Section 443 Constitution of urban drainage areas.

Section 446 Council may cover in water course so as to make it a public drain.

Section 494 Restrictions on rights of local authority to charge in respect of treatment or reception of trade wastes.

Section 504 Council may constitute areas for land drainage.

Section 505 Union of drainage areas.

Section 506 Subdivision of drainage areas.

Section 606 Community centre areas.

Section 610 Electors may petition for and participate in poll relating to uniform fee for community centre.

Section 681 Procedure for making bylaws.
Meat Act 1981 Section 30 Establishment and maintenance of abattoirs and export slaughterhouses by local authorities.
Public Bodies Leases Act 1969 Section 23B Power to lease reserves exercisable only by special order, unless otherwise provided.

Section 23C Leasing of adjoining land when leased land taken or acquired for public work.
Rating Powers Act 1988 Section 13 Territorial authority general rate where ward accounts kept.

Section 14 Territorial authority may cease to make and levy general rates separately in each ward.

Section 15 Community general rate.

Section 26 Charges for water by quantity consumed.

Section 61 Application of surplus certain rates.

Section 80 Differential rates.

Section 84 Introduction of differential rating.

Section 85 Alteration to system of differential rating.

Section 96 Rating system in district of regional council or special purpose authority.

Section 100 Changes of rating system in district of local authority.

Section 151 Payment of rates by instalments.

Section 156 Variation of instalments intervals.

Section 157 Abandonment of instalment system.
Resource Management Act 1991 Section 36 Administrative charges.
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