Appendix A: Statutory Provisions Imposing a Duty to Consult

Public Consultation and Decision-making in Local Government.
Biosecurity Act 1993 Section 73 Consultation on proposed regional pest management strategy.
Dangerous Goods Act 1974 Section 15 Restrictions on issue of licences by local licensing authorities.
Higher Salaries Commission Amendment Act 1989 Section 3 Obligation to consult Commission.
Land Transport Act 1993 Section 29J Duty to consult in respect of regional land transport strategy.
Local Government Act 1974 Section 37ZT Action required on receipt of reorganisation proposal.

Section 101ZZ Functions, duties and powers of community board.

Section 114Q Delegation to committees and subcommittees.

Section 225D Community trusts.

Section 225L Trust deed not to be inconsistent with provisions of this Act.

Section 492 Making of trade waste bylaws.

Section 497 Trade waste bylaws may be relaxed in certain cases.

Section 709A Prohibition of vehicles and consumption or possession of intoxicating liquor in public.

Paragraph 11, Tenth Schedule Temporary prohibition of traffic.
Resource Management Act 1991 Section 220 Condition of subdivision consents.

Section 237 Approval of survey plans where esplanade reserve or esplanade strips required.

Paragraph 3, Part I, First Schedule Preparation of policy statements and plans by local authorities.

Paragraph 26, Part II Requests for changes to policy statements and plans.
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