Public consultation

Case study for students: Dunedin stadium.

In April 2007, the two councils carried out a mail survey of ratepayers (house owners) on the proposed stadium. They also did a telephone survey. Both surveys found a very slim majority in favour of the new stadium.

  • Mail survey – 52.5 percent for versus 45.2 percent against.
  • Telephone survey – 51.9 percent for versus 44.6 percent against.

Both surveys also found differing views on whether the councils should fund the stadium. On the whole, the community did not support council funding to the level of $91 million.

Survey charts

The Trust commissioned another survey, which found that 72 percent of residents and 95 percent of businesses supported the stadium. However, some people suggested that the survey's methodology and ordering of questions may have led to biased results. Also, the survey didn't include questions about council funding.