Tauranga City Council

Case study for students: Meeting demand for drinking water.
Water source Surface water
Ability to manage supply to meet demand Effective
Forecasting future demand Forecasting is relatively detailed and likely to be accurate (for example, it includes analysis of factors influencing demand).
The existing supply is insufficient to meet projected demand.
Planning to meet future demand Planning and implementation are good.
Supply strategies include investing in new or upgraded infrastructure, looking for new water sources, and leak- and pressure-control programmes. The council has identified a new water source and applied for resource consents.
Demand strategies include universal water metering and charging, education and water restrictions when necessary.
Quality of drinking water Ungraded in 2010 but graded A in 2005.
Compliance with 2007 standards requires minor upgrades.

Water-quality grades: A = completely satisfactory, B = satisfactory, C = marginally satisfactory, D = unsatisfactory, E = unacceptable