Appendix 1: Questions for leaders

Strengthening government procurement: Lessons from our recent work.

We encourage governors and senior leaders to consider these questions about key elements of procurement in their organisation. This is not intended as a comprehensive checklist, but rather the elements of good practice that we see are often missing in public procurement.

Questions to consider
Are your procurement policies up to date and aligned with public sector expectations?
Does your organisation have the right capability to allow you to comply with your policies and carry out the range of procurement you do?
Does your senior leadership team (and/or governors) receive regular reporting on procurement activities, value for money, contract management, and assurance that policies are being complied with?
Do you have comprehensive conflict of interest systems and processes to support procurement activities?
Do you understand who your strategically important suppliers are, and are there adequate plans in place to maintain service delivery in the event of an emergency or supplier failure?
Have you considered likely procurement activities in an emergency and how you will maintain process integrity in those circumstances?
Have you developed guidance and support for staff looking to carry out innovative procurement outside normal rules and processes?
Are you meeting public reporting requirements on your procurement activity?