Draft annual plan 2024/25

30 April 2024: We seek your views on our proposed annual work programme for 2024/25. Feedback is requested by Wednesday 29 May 2024.
John Ryan

"Our annual plan sets out the work programme that my Office intends to carry out during 2024/25. As always, the focus of our work will be on where we can best influence improvements in the performance and accountability of public organisations. I am interested in all of your feedback and suggestions on our draft plan."

Annual plan

Our draft annual plan sets out the discretionary work that the Auditor-General intends to carry out during 2024/25. This summary focuses on work we will start during 2024/25 under each of our strategic priorities.

What's in this draft annual plan?

We describe the role and functions of the Controller and Auditor-General and how through our work we aim to improve trust in, and the performance of, public organisations.


We seek advice from those working in, or with, the public sector. Central and local government advisory groups and a rōpū Māori help us to better understand current themes and challenges. Our discussions with select committees and members of Parliament also provide us with important information. 


We outline the areas where we consider the Office can have the greatest impact from the work we do. The plan is presented under the Office’s strategic priorities.


We're supporting PASAI to improve outcomes for Pacific people, progressing audits for the Governments of Niue and Tokelau, and working collaboratively with INTOSAI and other agencies to improve public sector accountability and integrity.



The appendices are a summary of the public organisations we audit, as at 1 March 2024, and the estimated timing for starting and completing items in our proposed 2024/25 work programme.