Overview of strategies, plans, initiatives, and programmes of work

Transport sector: A case study of sector-level reporting

Strategies, plans, initiatives, and programmes of work play a key role in describing how and what public sector entities intend to do to achieve their desired outcomes.

When multiple strategies, plans, initiatives, and programmes of work contribute to a common outcome, there needs to be clarity on how they work together.

At a sector level, the transport sector has a large number of these, many of which are delivered by multiple agencies and span different timeframes – short- medium-, and long-term. These are in addition to those at an agency level.

The lists below are not exhaustive but provide an indication of the number of major strategies, plans, initiatives, and programmes of work across the transport sector and by individual agencies.

Our assessment

Although the major strategies, plans, initiatives, and programmes of work are often individually linked to the transport sector outcomes, there is no integrated account of how they “fit together” in contributing to common outcomes.

This makes it difficult to understand how the sector intends to achieve its broad outcomes and how progress will be assessed and reported.

Sector-level strategies, plans, initiatives, and programmes of work

Short term

  • Government Policy Statement on Land Transport
  • NZ Rail Plan
  • Rail Network Investment Programme
  • National Electric Vehicle Charging Strategy
  • Regional Land Transport Plans
  • Regulatory Stewardship Strategic Plan 2023-2026
  • National Adaptation Plan 2022-28
  • Decarbonising Transport Action Plan 2022-2025 (subset of the ERP)

Medium term

  • Auckland Transport Alignment Program
  • NZ Upgrade Programme
  • Let’s Get Wellington Moving
  • Emissions Reduction Plan
  • Road to Zero

Long term

  • Transport Resilience and Security Strategic Framework
  • National Public Transport Strategy (under development)
  • Rapid Transit Framework (under development)
  • New Zealand Freight and Supply Chain Strategy

Strategies and plans (agency specific)

  • Strategic Intentions 2021-25 (Ministry of Transport).
  • Transport Evidence Base Strategy (Ministry of Transport).
  • He Waka Maiangi He Aotearoa (Ministry of Transport project to improve outcomes for Māori in the transport system).
  • Hei Arataki (Ministry of Transport’s Māori engagement and capability strategy).
  • Te kāpehu (Waka Kotahi strategic direction).
  • Te Ara Kotahi (strategy by Waka Kotahi on working with Māori).
  • Tiro Rangi (climate adaptation plan by Waka Kotahi).
  • Tū ake, Tū māia 2023-2032 – our regulatory strategy (Waka Kotahi).
  • Arataki (Waka Kotahi 30-year plan).
  • Keeping cities moving (Waka Kotahi).
  • Toitū Te Taiao (Waka Kotahi sustainability action plan).
  • KiwiRail 10-year strategy.
  • Rautaki Whakauka KiwiRail Sustainability Strategy 2022-2025.
  • Statement of Intent/Corporate Intent (specific to each Crown agency/organisation).
  • Statement of Performance Expectations (specific to each Crown agency, where applicable).