Our recommendations

Leading New Zealand’s approach to housing and urban development.

We recommend that Te Tūāpapa Kura Kāinga – the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development:

  1. continue to improve its understanding of the housing and urban development system's current and projected performance, and regularly report on it to the public and those responsible for influencing housing and urban development outcomes;
  2. strengthen system governance by:
    • ensuring that the Chief Executives' Housing Group members agree on how they will provide collective oversight for achieving the Government Policy Statement on Housing and Urban Development; and
    • providing better reporting to support decision-making, including on current and expected housing and urban development outcomes, delivery milestones, and delivery and strategic risks; and
  3. continue to regularly assess whether its systems, processes, and capabilities enable it to lead the housing and urban development system and, in particular, to monitor, understand, predict, and influence performance.