Our recommendations

Auckland Council: Preparedness for responding to an emergency.

We recommend that Auckland Council:

  1. complete its review and update of the Civil Defence Emergency Management Group Plan and its associated framework for action as soon as possible;
  2. prepare a strategy and plan to guide its community resilience work, including how it will work with local boards;
  3. strengthen governance oversight of its progress with key emergency preparedness matters, particularly its progress on implementing recommendations from recent reviews;
  4. include in its emergency management work programme enough emergency management readiness exercises, including exercises that involve working with other agencies, to properly test its response and recovery capabilities;
  5. develop a clear approach and appropriate processes to systematically evaluate responses to emergency events, record lessons, and implement improvements identified from responding to emergency events or from its emergency management readiness exercise programme; and
  6. keep the public regularly and well informed about its progress with emergency preparedness activities and implementing recommendations from recent reviews.