Auckland Council: Preparedness for responding to an emergency

28 June 2023: The Auditor-General periodically reviews Auckland Council’s service performance and each of its council-controlled organisations. This time, we reviewed the Council’s disaster resilience and readiness work.
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Read our short summary of why we did this audit, what we found, and what needs to happen next.

Photo acknowledgement: Nate Hovee, iStock.

John Ryan

“Recent flooding events demonstrate that emergencies can happen at any time with devastating effects. The Council needs to be properly prepared for the next emergency event.”

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In this video, Assistant Auditor-General, Sector Performance Leeanne McAviney shares findings from our report.


What's in this report?

We have made six recommendations for Auckland Council. 

In Part 1, we set out why we did the audit, what we looked at, and how we carried out the audit.

In Part 2, we discuss the Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group Plan, which sets the direction for emergency management activities in the Auckland region.

In Part 3, we discuss how well the Council has worked with other organisations on emergency management and the work it is doing to build community resilience. 

In Part 4, we discuss the work the Council has been doing to build capability through training and emergency management readiness exercises, and how it evaluates and monitors performance.

In the Appendix, we set out Auckland Council's roles and responsibilities during the Covid-19 response.