Annual report 2022/23

Enhancing our impact in te ao Māori

Te ao Māori strategy

Enhancing our impact in te ao MāoriIn 2022/23, we continued working on our te ao Māori strategy.

The priorities in our strategy are to:

  • continue to build relationships in Māori communities;
  • take account of Māori knowledge and perspectives in our work;
  • support staff to build their capability to improve outcomes that benefit Māori communities; and
  • complete further performance audits and other work that is relevant to the concerns of Māori.

Establishment of a Rōpū Māori

In 2022/23, we established a Rōpū Māori to advise us as we carry out work to enhance our impact in te ao Māori. The Rōpū Māori is designed to provide insight, advice, and guidance to the Auditor-General.

Understanding our history

In 2022/23, we have been researching our Office’s history on matters significant to Māori and are writing a series of insights to help us understand our historic role in relation to Māori.

Public sector accountability to Māori

As well as the report we commissioned on how Māori view public accountability, we increased our focus on examining how well the public sector is accountable to, and supporting improved outcomes for, Māori. In 2022/23, we published two reports: How well public organisations are supporting Whānau Ora and whānau-centred approaches and Four initiatives supporting improved outcomes for Māori.

In 2023/24, we will continue this work by looking at public organisations’ implementation of their Treaty of Waitangi settlement commitments.