Annual report 2022/23

Our knowledge, information, and methods

Our collective knowledge and expertise about the public sector, and the processes we use to do our work

Image used for Our knowledge, information, and methodsParliament has invested in the Office to modernise our infrastructure, enhance our data and information technology capability, and address vulnerabilities through implementing our Information Systems Strategic Plan.

We are making a significant change to our foundational infrastructure to address modern security threats by adopting, and transitioning to, cloud-first services. This includes developing and delivering the cloud service security model and implementing the first stage of our new cloud production environment. To support this programme of work, we continue to improve our project management, architecture, and information security practices.

The cloud-based system for Audit New Zealand’s portfolio of annual audits was piloted in May. It will replace a system that is more than 20 years old. Functionality in the new system is still being extended, with the next release due in November 2023.

New systems for external audit service providers have progressed to plan. The systems will improve connectivity between the Office and audit service providers and are on track to go live in early 2024.

Work has also been done to implement the next phase of moving from on-premise systems, including improved network and device security. The requirements for document management have been prepared and a vendor selected to re-architect and modernise our document management services for the cloud, including automation and analysis. We are also investing in our data and analytics capability, which includes new data assets, publishing more analysis work, a new data and analytics platform, and refreshing our data and knowledge strategy.

We also strengthened our tools and processes to continue to enable staff to work productively and securely anywhere, any time, through a more resilient and flexible working environment. Our Information Services Group continues to improve service quality, including implementing real-time security monitoring and management services to increase cyber resilience.