Appendix 3: Good practice guidance since 2019

Auditor-General’s mid-term review
Title Date Description
Putting integrity at the core of how public organisations operate: An integrity framework for the public sector July 2022 Advice to support leaders throughout the wider public sector in taking a whole-of-organisation approach to building a culture of integrity in their organisations. We designed a simple interactive tool that explains the integrity framework. For ease of reference, we also produced an A3 version of the framework that can be downloaded and printed.
Managing conflicts of interest in procurement March 2022 This includes six common scenarios where conflicts of interest can arise during procurement. The resource sets out why the scenario represents a conflict of interest, how it might affect trust and confidence, and why some proposed mitigations may not fully address the risk.

The scenarios also provide some ways to help avoid, mitigate, or manage the conflicts.
Setting and administering fees and levies for cost recovery: Good practice guide August 2021 This is an update of the guide we published in 2008 and has been expanded to cover some levies as well as fees. It also updates the principles that public organisations should consider when making any decisions on setting and administering fees and levies.
Getting it right: Managing conflicts of interest involving council employees August 2021 In this article, we share our findings on how conflicts of interest of council employees, including the chief executive and staff, are managed across four councils.
Controlling sensitive expenditure: Guide for public organisations October 2020 This guide provides practical guidance on specific types of sensitive expenditure and outlines the principles for making decisions about sensitive expenditure.
Local Authorities (Members' Interests) Act 1968: A guide for members of local authorities on managing financial conflicts of interest June 2020 We want members who are covered by the Local Authorities (Member's Interests) Act 1968 – and those advising them – to be aware of the Act's rules and the steps they need to take to ensure that they do not inadvertently breach them. This guide also explains our statutory functions under the Act.
Managing conflicts of interest: A guide for the public sector (and resources) June 2020 In this guide, we describe conflicts of interest in the public sector and how to identify, disclose, and manage them. It represents our view of what constitutes good practice in the public sector. We also published resources to support the updated good practice guide.
Severance payments: A guide for the public sector June 2019 This guide is intended to help public sector employers when considering making a severance payment to a departing employee. It replaces our 2012 publication and has been updated to reflect more recent case law and changes in accounting standards.