Appendix 1: Summary of the public organisations we audit, as at March 2021

Draft annual plan 2021/22.
Organisation categories Number of organisations
Local authorities 78
Airports (including related entities) 24
Energy companies (including related entities) 36
Port companies (including related entities) 20
Other council-controlled organisations1 148
Licensing and community trusts (including related entities) 29
Cemetery trustees 1
Other local government organisations2 64
Total local government 400
Financial Statements of the Government 1
Government departments (including related entities) 56
State-owned enterprises and mixed-ownership companies (including related entities) 37
Crown research institutes (including related entities) 13
District health boards (including related entities) 40
Schools (including related entities) 2475
Tertiary education institutions (including related entities) 65
Other Crown entities3 87
Administering bodies4 38
Fish and game councils (including related entities)5 15
Other central government organisations6 118
Rural Education Activities Programmes 14
Total central government 2959
Government of Niue (including related entities) 9
Government of Tokelau (including related entities) 2
Public Audit Act section 19 audits 2
Total 3372

1: These are council-controlled organisations as defined in the Local Government Act 2002 (other than those that are airports, energy companies, or port companies).

2: These are related to local authorities but are not council-controlled organisations – for example, organisations exempted from being council-controlled organisations under the Local Government Act.

3: These are statutory Crown organisations (Crown agents, autonomous Crown organisations, and independent Crown organisations) listed in Schedule 1 of the Crown Entities Act 2004 and Crown entity companies listed in Schedule 2 of the Crown Entities Act.

4: These are administering bodies and reserves boards listed in Schedule 4 of the Public Finance Act 1989.

5: These are the New Zealand Fish and Game Council, 12 regional fish and game councils, the New Zealand Game Bird Habitat Trust Board, and the Game Animal Council, all listed in Schedule 4 of the Public Finance Act.

6: These are other central government organisations that do not have their own specific category. The majority are statutory organisations established under specific legislation, as well as other organisations listed in Schedule 4 of the Public Finance Act that are not categorised as reserve boards or fish and game councils.