Appendix 2: Summary of progress on our 2019/20 work

Draft annual plan 2020/21.

In this Appendix, we describe our progress with the planned work set out in our Annual plan 2019/20 and with other work we have completed or will complete in 2019/20. The information is based on what we know at the time of publication. The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the delivery of some of our work due for completion in 2019/20. As a result, we may publish some work after 30 June 2020.

Work in our Annual plan 2019/20 that we have completed or anticipate to complete by 30 June 2020

  • Clean-up of significant water bodies;
  • Progress on freshwater quality management since 2011;
  • Reflections report on water management theme;
  • MBIE procurement functional leadership: Enabling effective and efficient procurement across the State sector;
  • Procurement workforce capacity and capability in local government;
  • How well does the NZTA procurement model manage long-term procurement risks to ensure future value and sustainable procurement?;
  • Review of Defence Major Projects Report 2018;
  • Review of Defence Major Projects Report 2019 (carried out as part of the annual audit);
  • Performance in achieving reductions in family violence – Community voices research;
  • Inland Revenue Department: Benefits from the Business Transformation programme;
  • Controller updates;
  • Central government: Results of the 2018/19 audits;
  • Summary of results of the 2018/19 central government audits for Chief Executives;
  • Results of the 2018 school audits;
  • Results of the 2018 audits of tertiary education institutions;
  • Results of the 2017/18 district health board audits;
  • Results of the 2018/19 district health board audits;
  • Local government: Results of the 2018/19 audits;
  • Update Managing conflicts of interest: Guidance for public entities;
  • Update Guidance for members of local authorities about the Local Authorities (Members’ Interests) Act 1968;
  • Update Charging fees for public sector goods and services;
  • Update Controlling sensitive expenditure: Guidelines for public entities;
  • Follow up – Accident Compensation Corporation: Using a case management approach to rehabilitation;
  • Landscape of the public accountability system: First report;
  • Landscape of the public accountability system: Second report;
  • Making performance reporting more effective; and
  • Effectiveness of the firearms buy-back scheme.

Work from our Annual plan 2019/20 that we will carry forward to 2020/21

We will carry forward the following topics into 2020/21 because they have been delayed by resourcing constraints or Covid-19:

  • Provincial Growth Fund: Management, monitoring, and evaluation of the Fund;
  • Ethics and integrity landscape;
  • Effectiveness of panels of suppliers;
  • Auckland Council review of service performance: Disaster resilience and preparedness;
  • Follow up – Using information to improve social housing services;
  • Contracts for significant services;
  • Auckland City Rail Link: Project governance and the Link Alliance;
  • Partnerships with the private sector to deliver public sector outcomes – how effective are they?;
  • Progress towards implementing the UN sustainable development goals; and
  • Local government risk management: Stocktake of approach and reporting results.

Work from our Annual plan 2019/20 that we deferred or cancelled

  • Procurement of assets to support effective healthcare – We deferred this work after the review of the health system was announced so that we could understand whether the review was likely to result in changes.
  • Defence procurement: Effectiveness of integrated capability delivery – During the past year, we have changed our view about the useful focus of our work. We will now progress work in 2020/21, focusing on NZDF’s processes and capability for managing significant services contracts.
  • Commentary on the Treasury’s 2020 statement on New Zealand’s long-term fiscal position – The Treasury was due to publish their report of New Zealand’s long-term fiscal position in March 2020. The Treasury’s work has now been postponed because of Covid-19. When the report is published, we will publish our commentary.
  • KiwiBuild: Implementation – Our 2018/19 audit of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development included examining aspects of the KiwiBuild programme in response to a request for us to inquire into this programme. After our audit, and in light of our findings, we decided that other housing-related issues had greater priority. We will continue to provide assurance over some core elements of the KiwiBuild programme through our annual audit work.

Other work we have completed or will complete in 2019/20

  • Inquiry into Alpine Energy Limited's decision to install solar equipment at a senior executive's house;
  • Councillors' guide to the Auditor-General;
  • Inquiry into Waikato District Health Board’s procurement of services from HealthTap;
  • Our observations on Waikato River Authority's freshwater restoration operations;
  • The Auditor-General’s Auditing Standards [publication delayed due to Covid-19];
  • Response to Parliamentary Service’s report about party and member support funding;
  • Submission on the Public Finance (Well-being) Amendment Bill – Letter to the Finance and Expenditure Committee;
  • Submission on the Public Service Legislation Bill – Letter to the Governance and Administration Committee; and
  • Products from our annual audits – about 3300 audit reports and 3300 reports to management or those charged with governance