Appendix 3 Summary of work we intend to complete in 2020/21

Annual plan 2020/21.

In this Appendix, we summarise the work we intend to complete in 2020/21. This includes pieces of work carried over from our 2019/20 annual plan, as well as work from our 2020/21 annual plan, based on what we know at the time of publication.8

How well is the public sector improving the lives of New Zealanders?
Achieving reductions in family violence
  • Performance in achieving reductions in family violence – Community voices research
  • Joint venture governance and building our understanding of the family violence system
Improving housing outcomes
  • Overview of the housing system
  • Extended annual audit work on KiwiBuild
Improving health outcomes
  • Health sector reform
  • Health system leadership and sustainability
Improving education outcomes
  • Helping children at risk of disadvantage or disengagement to succeed in their education – overview
  • Underlying financial sustainability of tertiary education institutions and international comparisons
Improving outcomes for Māori
  • Māori perspectives on accountability
How well is the public accountability system working as a whole?
Influencing improvement performance and accountability
  • Making performance reporting more effective
  • Landscape of the public accountability system: Second report
Implementing a well-being focus
  • Progress towards implementing the United Nations' 17 sustainable development goals
Resilience and climate change
  • Resilience to climate change: Local government – Long-term plans
  • Local government risk management: Stocktake of approach and reporting results
Integrity in our public sector
  • Developing integrity tools and supporting resources:
    • publish the integrity framework
    • develop a self-assessment tool or survey
    • internal resources and training
  • Effectiveness of panels of suppliers
  • Provincial Growth Fund: Management, monitoring, and evaluation of the Fund
  • NZTA: Maintaining safe and reliable state highways through network outcomes contracts
  • Review of Defence Major Projects Report 2019
  • Understanding and managing the risk of service disruption from the failure of strategic suppliers
Processes underpinning significant government investments
  • Inland Revenue Department: Benefits from the Business Transformation programme
  • Systems and processes underpinning government decisions on major infrastructure investment
  • Provincial Growth Fund: Reset of the Provincial Growth Fund and reprioritisation of investments
Keeping New Zealanders informed about public sector performance and accountability
Influencing improvement performance and accountability
  • Report on the progress of public entities in implementing the Auditor-General's recommendations from previous reports:
    • Using information to improve social housing services
    • Accident Compensation Corporation: Using a case management approach to rehabilitation
Our regular reporting
  • Sector-based reports:
    • Results of the 2019/20 port company audits
    • Central government: Results of the 2019/20 audits
    • Summary of results of the 2019/20 central government audits for chief executives
    • Results of the 2019 school audits
    • Results of the 2019 audits of tertiary education institutions
    • Results of the 2019/20 district health board audits
    • Local government: Results of the 2019/20 audits
  • Other reports:
    • Controller updates
    • Auckland Council review of service performance: Disaster resilience and preparedness
    • Commentary on the Treasury's statement on New Zealand's long-term fiscal position
Sharing insights about what "good" looks like
  • Review of good practice guidance:
    • Procurement guidance for public entities
    • Public sector purchases, grants, and gifts: Managing funding arrangements with external parties
    • Charging fees for public sector goods and services
    • Controlling sensitive expenditure: Guidelines for public entities
  • Supporting audit and risk committees:
    • Review and update our good practice guidance for audit and risk committees
    • Expand our Audit and Risk Committee Chair forums
    • Engage more with audit and risk committee chairpersons
  • Understanding performance and supporting the role of monitoring agencies
Providing assurance to Parliament and the public on the Covid-19 pandemic response and recovery
  • Focus on what happened:
    • Understanding the centralised response
    • Case studies on public sector business continuity
    • Understanding what has been spent
    • The wage subsidy scheme
    • Annual audit work

8: A complete summary of work we intend to carry out in 2020/21 arising from our 2020/21 annual plan (capturing both work we expect to complete and work we will start but will continue into 2021/22), is shown in Appendix 2 (along with new work we propose for 2021/22 and 2022/23).