Publications produced during 2019

This is a list of the publications produced in 2019 (the most recent items are listed first).
Annual plan 2019/20

June 2019: The Annual Plan 2019/20 sets out our proposed work programme for 2019/20. The work programme describes the second year of our three-year Procurement work programme and the work we will complete under our Water management theme. We will begin work under our Improving the lives of New Zealanders theme. Our plan also describes the good practice guidance we intend to update, our work focused on ethics and integrity, and our continued work on assessing the state of the public sector accountability system.

Severance payments: A guide for the public sector

June 2019: This guide is intended to help public sector employers when considering making a severance payment to a departing employee. It replaces our 2012 publication, and has been updated to reflect more recent case law and changes in accounting standards.

Using different processes to protect marine environments

June 2019: This report looks at how two groups used two different processes that generated advice to Ministers for establishing marine protection, including marine reserves. Each group used a process that was different in terms of its origin, purpose, scope, and expected outcomes. We examined how inclusive, transparent, and well informed the processes were to identify lessons that could be applied to support the establishment of other marine protection measures.

Our 2018 work about local government

May 2019: This report presents the main findings from our audits of councils' long-term plans (LTPs), the results of our annual audits, and other work in local government during 2017/18.

Incentive payments made by Te Puni Kōkiri to Whānau Ora commissioning agencies Incentive payments made by Te Puni Kōkiri to Whānau Ora commissioning agencies

16 April 2019: During the Māori Affairs Committee’s Annual Review of Te Puni Kōkiri in December, committee members asked about an “incentive payment” that had been distributed to shareholders of a Whānau Ora commissioning agency. We reviewed the arrangements, and have written to Te Puni Kōkiri with our findings.

Letter to the Tomorrow’s Schools Independent Taskforce Letter to the Tomorrow’s Schools Independent Taskforce

9 April 2019: The Independent Taskforce on the Review of Tomorrow’s Schools has recommended changes to the education system. Although we do not have a view on the proposed structural changes to the education system, we have written to the Taskforce setting out some matters for it to consider as it develops its proposals further.