Appendix 3: Reports and other work published in 2015/16

Annual Report 2015/16.
Performance audits
New Zealand Police: Enforcing drink-driving laws (progress report)
Ministry for Primary Industries: Preparing for and responding to biosecurity incursions – follow-up audit
Delivering scheduled services to patients (progress report)
Earthquake Commission: Managing the Canterbury Home Repair Programme – follow-up audit
Governance and accountability for three Christchurch rebuild projects
Principles for effectively co-governing natural resources
Public sector accountability through raising concerns
Department of Conservation: Prioritising and partnering to manage biodiversity (progress report)
Effectiveness and efficiency of arrangements to repair pipes and roads in Christchurch – follow-up audit
Immigration New Zealand: Supporting new migrants to settle and work (progress report)
Education for Māori: Using information to improve Māori educational success
Crown Fibre Holdings Limited: Managing the first phase of rolling out ultra-fast broadband
Home-based support services for older people: Follow-up audit
Collecting and using information about suicide
Reviewing aspects of the Auckland Manukau Eastern Transport Initiative
Inquiry into Health Benefits Limited (letter to Hon Annette King MP)
Queenstown Lakes District Council: Managing a conflict of interest in a proposed special housing area
Defence Force personnel involvement with a commercial entity – Miltech
Other reports and studies
Consulting the community about local authorities' 10-year plans
Matters arising from the 2015-25 local authority long-term plans
Central government: Results of the 2014/15 audits
Improving financial reporting in the public sector
Local government: Results of the 2014/15 audits
Energy sector: Results of the 2014/15 audits
Governance and accountability of council-controlled organisations
A review of public sector financial assets and how they are managed and governed
Reflections from our audits: Governance and accountability
District health boards' response to asset management requirements since 2009
Other work published
Response to queries about recovery from the Canterbury earthquakes
Service performance reporting: Results of the annual audits of TEIs for the year ended 31 December 2014 (letter)
Kaipara District Council: The Auditor-General's decision on requests to make a report under section 44 of the Local Government Act 2002
Audit committee resources (website resources)
"Joining the dots" – Insights from the 2014/15 annual audits
Response to query about Housing New Zealand's procurement processes (letter to Phil Twyford MP)
Application for an exemption or a declaration by Cr Hewitt (letter)
Request for inquiry into the regulation of the ancient swamp kauri industry (letter)
Response to queries about recovery from the Canterbury earthquakes (letter)
Annual Report 2014/15
Draft Annual Plan 2016/17
Annual Plan 2016/17