Our recommendations

Accident Compensation Corporation: How it deals with complaints.

Organisations committed to providing excellent service delivery that meets people's needs embrace complaints as a source of insight.

Complaints must be easy to make, consistently recorded, thoughtfully analysed, openly reported, and acted on. They are an important part of an organisation's mechanisms for continuous improvement. As such, complaints require robust and supported end-to-end business processes and systems.

In our view, the Accident Compensation Corporation has much to do to reach this position.

We recommend that the Accident Compensation Corporation:

  1. periodically seek suggestions and implement solutions that would make it easier for people to complain;
  2. periodically look into, understand, and remove any barriers that prevent or discourage people from complaining;
  3. define, record, and respond to complaints appropriately and consistently throughout the organisation;
  4. measure, monitor, and report on performance in handling complaints, including financial costs, complainant satisfaction, and the implementation of remedies; and
  5. provide senior leadership, the board, and the public with accurate, reliable, and appropriately detailed information about complaints and how the organisation has learned from complaints to make service improvements.