Appendix: Extracts from the Code of ACC Claimants' Rights

Accident Compensation Corporation: How it deals with complaints.

People who claim compensation from ACC for an accident or injury are covered by a published code of their rights and ACC's obligations. Parts 2 and 5 of that Code are set out below.

Part 2: Rights and obligations of this Code
1 You have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
a) We will treat you with dignity and respect.
b) We will treat you with honesty and courtesy.
c) We will recognise that you may be under physical, emotional, social, or financial strain.
2 You have the right to be treated fairly, and to have your views considered.
a) We will treat you fairly.
b) We will listen to you and consider your views.
c) We will take into account, and be responsive to, any impairment you may have.
3 You have the right to have your culture, values and beliefs respected.
a) We will be respectful of, and responsive to, the culture, values, and beliefs of Māori.
b) We will be respectful of, and responsive to, all cultures, values, and beliefs.
4 You have the right to a support person or persons.
a) We will welcome you and your support person(s) provided that the safety of all involved can be assured.
5 You have the right to effective communication.
a) We will communicate with you openly, honestly, and effectively.
b) We will respond to your questions and requests in a timely manner.
c) We will provide you with an interpreter when necessary and reasonably practicable.
d) We will provide information in a form which you can access, and in a timely manner.
6 You have the right to be fully informed.
a) We will provide information on how to make a claim for cover and entitlements.
b) We will keep you fully informed.
c) We will provide you with full and correct information about your claim, entitlements, obligations, and responsibilities.
d) We will inform you if your entitlements change.
e) We will give you information about how we provide services, and how to access them.
f) We will discuss expected time frames with you.
g) We will inform you of your review and appeal rights under the Act.
7 You have the right to have your privacy respected.
a) We will respect your privacy.
b) We will comply with all relevant legislation relating to privacy.
c) We will give you access to your information, in accordance with legislation.
8 You have the right to complain.
a) We will work with you to address problems and concerns.
b) We will inform you about options available for resolving problems and concerns.
c) We will inform you about the complaints process, and the normal time frames for dealing with complaints.
Part 5: Addressing situations
In addition to the remedies in Part 4, ACC will address the wider implications of breaches that arise by –
a) analysing and monitoring issues arising from the complaints process; and
b) identifying concerns with operational policies and processes; and
c) subsequently undertaking and remedying concerns associated with operational policies and processes as appropriate; and
d) informing the claimant that the situation has been addressed.

Source: Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Compensation (Code of ACC Claimants' Rights) Notice 2002.

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