Appendix 2: The number and types of public entities for which we collected insurance information

Insuring public assets.
Number of public entities*
Central government Government departments 40
Crown entities – Tertiary education institutions 30
Crown entities – Crown research institutes 8
Crown entities – District health boards 20
Other Crown entities 49
State-owned enterprises 20
Other central government entities 33

Local government Local authorities 78
Council-controlled organisations 59
Airports 14
Ports 16
Electricity lines businesses 24
Licensing and community trusts 18
Other local government entities 19
We did not collect information from the following types of public entities because they are relatively small and do not own significant assets.
Excluded Administering bodies and boards
Cemetery trustees
Māori trust boards
Rural Education Activities Programme
Many small subsidiaries of public entities
Schools (but we did get information about school properties from our auditor of the Ministry of Education)

* The number of entities may include significant subsidiaries of the types of entities described.

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