Appendix: The survey questions we asked schools

Education for Māori: Implementing Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success.

1. How did you first hear about Ka Hikitia Managing for Success (Ka Hikitia)?

2. How familiar with Ka Hikitia are you now?

3. How useful to understanding the strategy were the following sources of information?

4. Did you respond to the strategy by seeking out and using professional learning and development or other resources?

5. Which specific resources or professional development did you seek out and use?

6. Did you respond in any of the following ways to Ka Hikitia?

7. If you used any of the support from the Ministry listed below to implement the Ka Hikitia strategy, please indicate how effective it was by using the rating scale. If you did not use a support, just indicate "Did not use".

TKI websites, e.g. Te Mangōroa
Direct support from regional Ministry staff
Direct support from national office Ministry staff
New Zealand Curriculum – Te Marautanga o Aotearoa
Advice about how to implement the strategy or improve outcomes for Māori learners
Printed information about the strategy
Professional learning clusters, e.g. Virtual Learning Network
Advice about where to access information, tools, resources, or further support
Webinars about Ka Hikitia
Answers to specific questions about the strategy
Statistical information or advice about Māori learner outcomes
Research or evaluation evidence about Māori learner outcomes
None of these

8. Has Ka Hikitia led to changes in your school?

9. From the list below what has changed about teachers and teaching practice and in what way over the last four years?

10. From the list below what has changed about Māori learners and their parents, families, whānau and iwi and in what way over the last four years?

11. From the list below what other things have changed in your school and in what way over the last four years?

12. On the whole how important are Ka Hikitia and its aims?

13. What would sustain the strategy in action?

14. Are you aware of the consultation to ‘refresh' the Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success strategy?

15. Do you have any other comments about the Ka Hikitia strategy?

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