Appendix - Other follow-up work

Public entities' progress in implementing the Auditor-General's recommendations.

We will report separately on progress in implementing the Auditor-General's recommendations that were set out in two reports published in 2009:

We will provide individual reports on the progress that the entities discussed in these reports (the Department of Corrections, Ministry of Health, and district health boards) have made because a lot more work has been required to address our recommendations. This reflects the complexity of the issues raised in our reports and the amount of work required to assess progress.

In our two previous reports, Performance audits from 2007: Follow-up report and Performance audits from 2008: Follow-up report, we said that we would carry out further work on the effectiveness of a diabetes programme and on the maintenance of the rail network.

Further to our June 2007 report Ministry of Health and district health boards: Effectiveness of the "Get Checked" diabetes programme, we published a guidance document (in September 2010) for district health boards about the effectiveness of the Get Checked diabetes programme.

We said that we would report in 2010/11 on progress in implementing the recommendations set out in our July 2008 report Maintaining and renewing the rail network. We have deferred this work until 2011/12 so that KiwiRail has time to establish and complete its asset management system. This postponement will also allow us to take better account of significant other work that KiwiRail is doing that is likely to affect its approach to maintaining and renewing the rail network.

All of our published reports are available on our website.

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