Auditor-General's overview

Public entities' progress in implementing the Auditor-General's recommendations.

My Office carries out a range of work to identify how public entities can improve their performance, with the overall aim of assuring Parliament and the public about the work of the public sector. We seek to identify good or emerging practices, raise any issues or concerns, and recommend improvements to a public entity's performance as appropriate.

Sometimes, public entities have recognised the need to make certain changes and our recommendations neatly align with the entities' intentions – leading to faster improvements in the public sector.

This progress report looks at how well five public entities have implemented our recommendations. It is not a full and final assessment because some of the recommendations will take time to implement.

The entities have generally accepted our recommendations, but progress in implementing them has been faster for some recommendations than for others. For these entities, and for other public entities, communicating results is an ongoing challenge.

I will continue to watch the progress of all the entities that we have audited. I thank the staff of the public entities discussed in this report for their co-operation.

Signature - LP

Lyn Provost
Controller and Auditor-General

21 April 2011

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