Our recommendations

Inland Revenue Department: Making it easy to comply.

We recommend that the Inland Revenue Department:

  1. monitor how effective and useful its website and publications are for taxpayers;
  2. create materials targeted at taxpayers with a high risk of non-compliance to help them easily understand their tax obligations and pay their tax;
  3. test the usability of its website on taxpayers and design its website so taxpayers can more easily find the information they need;
  4. review its quality assurance systems and processes for its contact centre and find ways to make sure that:
    • the calls to be assessed are randomly selected;
    • assessors verify that all necessary checks have been carried out;
    • consistent quality assurance processes are applied to all calls received; and
    • assessments are calibrated on a regular basis to ensure consistency; and
  5. as it updates the telephone scripts its staff use, clearly set out the information that must be provided to taxpayers and consider how that information should best be delivered to them.
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