Appendix 9: Monitoring and reporting on the Civil Aviation Authority's action plan

The Civil Aviation Authority's progress with improving certification and surveillance.

The Chairman of the Board has made the following arrangements for monitoring of, and reporting on, the CAA's implementation of the action plan to address our recommendations in this report and those in recent internal CAA reviews.

  1. The [Board] is accountable to the Minister for the satisfactory completion of the actions to address the OAG audit findings, and the wider issues addressed in the CAA's action plan;
  2. the [Board] provides quarterly reports to the Minister recording the CAA's progress on implementing the actions, and the status of each;
  3. CAA performance is monitored through the [Board's] Audit and Risk Management Committee and reports are provided by that committee;
  4. Audit New Zealand provides separate and independent assurance of the CAA's progress against the action plan, via quarterly reports to the [Board's] Audit and Risk Management Committee; and
  5. Audit New Zealand also reports on CAA's performance as part of its annual audit of the CAA.

The Audit and Risk Management Committee will utilise the CAA's contracted internal audit provider to assist in monitoring implementation of the plan which will simplify the monitoring role of [Audit New Zealand] at step 4 above. I anticipate that the quarterly Audit New Zealand reports will be made public on the CAA website.

Rick Bettle
Civil Aviation Authority

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