Example 26

Statements of intent: Examples of reporting practice.

New Zealand Qualifications Authority (Mana Tohu Mātauranga O Aotearoa), Statement of Intent 2008 - 2011, pages 29-30

Output 2.1: Monitor quality assurance process and bodies

This output class involves the development and management of quality assurance processes. This includes the management of relationships with quality assurance bodies and education agencies, the monitoring of the delegation to ITPQ, and processes associated with NZQA’s own activities as a quality assurance body.

Description Quantity and Timeliness Quality
Audit ITPQ against quality assurance standards for quality assurance bodies Complete an audit of degree processes 100% ITPQ audits are reviewed against agreed criteria for continuous improvement

Output 2.2: Support providers at risk

This output class involves services to monitor and support providers at risk and potentially at risk, and manage complaints about tertiary education organisations that are quality-assured by NZQA.

Description Quantity and Timeliness Quality
Provider trusts audited to ensure compliance with Student Fee Protection policy […] 100% compliant with NZQA’s quality assurance standards and procedures
Complaints regarding PTEs are managed 90% of complaints concluded within agreed timeframes All complaints are concluded to documented processes
Manage the process of deregistration, or other NZQA risk management action in relation to providers
(Volume is demand driven)

No successful appeals due to NZQA’s management of the process
Interventions in the tertiary sector
The interagency risk group is 100% satisfied with NZQA’s monitoring systems and interventions
Develop and agree a process to review key risks Completion by December 2008 Processes ensure key risks are identified and mitigated

Output 2.3: Moderation and support

This output involves services to enhance and maintain systems that ensure valid and consistent internal assessment for candidates in secondary schools.

Description Quantity and Timeliness Quality
School-based internal assessments moderated
  • 10% of reported results moderated
  • 95% of moderation materials returned and reports completed within published timeframes
Less than 1% successful appeal against secondary moderator judgements as a percentage of secondary moderator judgements made
Quality audits, external evaluations and reviews completed during the year

(Note: Volume and performance will be impacted by the tertiary reforms)
  • 500-580
  • 90% of draft audit reports completed and sent to provider within 20 days of the completion of the audit visit
100% of quality audits of all types completed comply with the Quality Management System policies and procedures
Development of quality assurance processes and systems to support the Tertiary Reforms Work completed to project plan SLG satisfaction with project performance
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