Example 11

Statements of intent: Examples of reporting practice.

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (Te Manatū Ahuwhenua, Ngāherehere), 2008/11 Statement of Intent, page 19

How will we demonstrate our success?

MAF measures success in achieving this outcome by monitoring several macro-economic variables impacting on the sustainability of business in the agricultural, food, forestry and related sectors. These include, among other things, investment in research and development, regulatory efficiency and compliance cost/burden, overall productivity, profitability and producer returns. MAF also monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of its own interventions (such as the Sustainable Farming Fund) aimed at supporting business sustainability.

As such, positive outcomes or success will be evident in the sectors if:

  • there is a proportionate increase in the total level of investment in research and development relevant to sectors’ activities;
  • there is effective and efficient (or fit-for-purpose) regulation of sectors’ activities that, as far as possible, minimises the overall cost of compliance;
  • there is an increase in businesses’ overall productivity and profitability;
  • there are high and sustainable business survival rates;
  • there are net positive outcomes or benefits associated with MAF initiatives to support business sustainability and development (that is, those associated with the Sustainable Farming Fund);
  • there are positive spill-overs to other sectors from the success of the land-based primary industries.
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