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Statements of intent: Examples of reporting practice.

Te Māngai Pāho (Māori Broadcasting Funding Agency), Statement of Intent 2008-2013, page 17

Our Outcome Framework

Vision Vision Ahakoa kei whea, Ahakoa āwhea, Ahakoa pēwhea, Kōrero Māori!
Māori language – everywhere, every day, in every way!
Key Government
National Identity;
Families Young and Old; and
Economic Transformation.
Major Outcome Kia tū noa te reo Māori, kia piki te arokā mō ngā uara, ngā tikanga me ngā whakaaro Māori, i roto o Aotearoa.
Normalisation of Māori language and greater awareness of Māori values, practices
and views within Aotearoa.
Whānau, hapū, iwi, and
Māori communities,
maintain and strengthen
their te reo Māori and
tikanga Māori
Learners of all ages and
abilities are supported
in their Māori language
education, use and
New Zealanders
experience te reo Māori
and tikanga Māori
Te Māngai Pāho
Investment in
the protection,
promotion and
development of
te reo Māori and
tikanga Māori
Investment in
the promotion
of a positive
of current
issues that are
important for
Ensure that the
programmes in
which we invest
are responsive to,
and can reach, a
large and diverse
New Zealand
Support for
initiatives and
that encourage
New Zealanders
to value, or at
least, understand
the value of te
reo Māori and
tikanga Māori
Te Māngai Pāho
Direct funding of Māori
Contestable Television
Programme Funding
Television Industry
Co-ordination and
Operational Funding for
Iwi Radio
Contestable Radio
Programme and Music
Radio Distribution
System and Coverage
Capacity Building and
Industry Co-ordination
Strategic, cost effective
and transparent
Administration of
Broadcasting Funding
Te Māngai
Pāho Capability
Establish clear Purchasing, Management and Operational Policies for public and
internal purposes
Establish a practical, cost effective evaluation tool
Implement strategies to consolidate and enhance the expertise and people
resources available to carry out all aspects of our business.
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