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Statements of intent: Examples of reporting practice.

Retirement Commission (Whiriwhiria), Statement of Intent 2008/11, pages 9-10

How we will measure results:

The major measures of impact will be changes in attitudes, levels of knowledge and action taken as a result of accessing our education programmes and information. These will be measured through the financial knowledge survey that the Commission conducts in association with ANZ, together with other benchmarked surveys and analyses. We are also looking at developing longitudinal measures of our education programme.

Other indicators of interest levels in personal financial management will be statistical measures of the use of all Sorted resources, brand awareness and brand attribute tracking.

  1. Key financial knowledge measure is:
    • To reduce the size of the lowest knowledge group from 33% to 25% by 2010.
  2. Sorted resource use – overall uptake goal:
    • To increase the percentage of New Zealanders who use Sorted resources from 19% to 30% by 2010 with over half the interaction being through the workplace.
  3. The workplace financial education programme will also be evaluated to assess the impact of KiwiSaver decision making information and tools:
    • Maintain 2007 levels indicating 28% of 18-65 year olds surveyed had used Sorted resources to help them make a decision about KiwiSaver.1
  4. Sorted resource use – monthly average over 12 months:
    • Visits to sorted.org.nz 110,000 – 140,000.
    • Calculations made via sorted.org.nz 500,000 – 700,000.
    • Sorted booklets distributed 8000 – 10,000.

1: KiwiSaver campaign evaluation– Colmar Brunton, 2008

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