Part 7: Restoring stock levels

New Zealand Defence Force: Progress with the Defence Sustainability initiative.

In this Part, we discuss NZDF's progress in building up the quantity of supplies (known as stock) that it holds ready for potential new deployments.

NZDF has increased the quantity of essential minor capital stock. NZDF worked to restore these stock levels ahead of increasing the quantity of major capital stock.

Before forces can be deployed, NZDF needs to ensure that it has enough:

  • personnel with the necessary skills and training; and
  • stock (such as fuel, ammunition, and equipment) for personnel to use when a new deployment is ordered.

The Defence Funding Package set aside funds for increasing stock levels. NZDF reviewed its planning assumptions and adjusted the quantity and type of stock that it needed, to match the pattern of deployments since 2002.

During the foundations phase, NZDF gave priority to increasing the quantity of essential minor capital stock, and restored quantities to acceptable levels to sustain current deployments. For example, NZDF bought equipment such as night-vision goggles. NZDF also restored the quantity of stock to levels that would enable it to conduct low-intensity1 deployments of short duration in the south-west Pacific.

Because priority was given to the stock needed to sustain deployments, NZDF postponed work to restore major capital stock levels. Originally, work to restore major capital stock levels was supposed to start during the foundations phase but NZDF deferred the start date to 2009/10.

1: We discuss the intensity of deployments in Appendix 2.

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