Appendix 1: The Defence Sustainability Initiative's corporate capability projects

New Zealand Defence Force: Progress with the Defence Sustainability Initiative.

The table below lists all of NZDF's projects to rebuild corporate capability during the foundations phase of the Defence Sustainability Initiative (the Initiative).

Note that:

  • Projects 10 and 11 belong to the Ministry of Defence but are included here (in italicised rows) for completeness.
  • Project 19 resulted from project 17. NZDF considered that project 19 was part of the Initiative.

Project Status at December 2008 Summary description
1 Interim strategic plan Closed Prepare an interim strategic plan to provide the foundation for carrying out the Initiative, other existing NZDF projects, and future strategic plans.
2 Defence planning framework Closed Provide an integrated framework linking all NZDF planning. Provide structure and guidelines to monitor and report on performance against strategic plans.
3 Organisational structure review of Headquarters NZDF Closed Review Headquarters NZDF's organisational structure. Propose changes to achieve a high standard for governing and managing the Initiative.
4 Corporate Planning Branch Closed Establish a planning branch within Headquarters NZDF. Decide roles, responsibilities, position descriptions, and skill sets. This project became part of project 3.
5 Capability management framework Closed Amend the capability management framework to cover all aspects of capability (not only equipment purchases) to enable integrated approaches to capability management and extra capacity for long-term planning. Improve alignment between the framework and relevant decision-support systems within NZDF and the Ministry of Defence.
6 Knowledge management framework Open Devise and establish a useful and cost-beneficial framework identifying NZDF's approach to knowledge management. Prepare an interim plan directing phase one of project 18. Identify key knowledge assets and any gaps. Prepare a business case for a full programme of work to feed into the delivery of a knowledge management strategic plan.

At 30 June 2008, work on this project had stopped to provide resources for other priorities.
7 Risk management framework Open Prepare a plan that prioritises the activities needed to move NZDF to an acceptable point on the risk management continuum.
8 Defence performance management system Open Create a system that gives information to senior management that is timely, readily understood, consistent, and comprehensive in covering strategic, operational, personnel, project, and business-as-usual activities.
9 Management of shared functions Closed Prepare a high-level strategy for joint functions and shared services. Review, standardise, and integrate support functions across NZDF to remove duplication. This project became part of NZDF's efficiency programme.
10 Ministry of Defence project Closed Strengthen the Ministry of Defence's capability to provide policy advice.
11 Ministry of Defence project Closed Introduce a satisfactory process to provide high-quality first and second policy and purchase advice on defence-related issues, and monitor the defence departments' performance.
12 Defence estate strategic plan Open Produce an interim plan that covers the key estate needs for an initial 10-year period. This project was to be carried out with project 13. It was completed in late 2005. However, the plan addressed only part of NZDF's estate needs, was too narrowly focused, and the 10-year period was considered relatively short.

A new project was set up to produce an expanded defence estate strategic plan taking a longer-term strategic approach to camp and base roles and location. It included project 13 and other estate projects, such as the Army "Footprint Study", which came out of project 17.
13 Defence estate optimisation strategy Closed Provide a co-ordination point and an overarching framework for establishing and completing projects associated with redeveloping, acquiring, and disposing of property assets. This project became a part of an expanded project 12.
14 Housing and accommodation assistance Open Deliver a housing and accommodation assistance policy linked to NZDF's strategic goals, including goals about personnel recruitment and retention, and accommodation needs. The aim of the policy is to enable a programme of work to be prepared to meet the identified needs.

The project is being carried out in phases and at 30 June 2008 was planned to take two more years to complete.
15 Human resources capability – recruitment and retention Closed Prepare implementation plans for resolving current recruitment and retention issues within NZDF. This project became part of project 16.
16 Strategic human resources planning framework Closed Prepare a comprehensive strategic human resource planning framework that is consistent with the interim strategic plan (project 1) and other planning documents, aligns with the gap analysis that is the basis for the Defence Funding Package, and is based on sound external and internal environmental analysis.
Army configuration review 17: Closed
19: Open
Project 17 has been completed. Project 19 (the Army transformation programme) is to decide the best configuration of the Army. Options are with the Government for decision, and NZDF therefore regards this project as open.
18 Information management/information exploitation Open Improve existing capabilities and practices so that corporate and military decision-makers have faster and more reliable access to the information they need. This project became part of project 6.
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