Appendix 2: Implementation of the policy framework

Guardians of New Zealand Superannuation: Governance and management of the New Zealand Superannuation Fund.

The following table shows the dates when the Guardians of New Zealand Superannuation implemented policies under their policy framework.

Policy Date of approval
1 Statement of Investment Policies, Standards and Procedures (most recently refreshed date) May-07
2 Investment Due Diligence Policy May-07
3 Policy Guideline May-07
4 Internal Incident and Error Policy May-07
5 Tax Management Policy May-07
6 Media Policy May-07
7 Web Content Control May-07
8 Responsible Investment Policy Standards and Procedures Jun-07
9 Investment Manager Selection Policy Jun-07
10 Internal Audit Policy Jun-07
11 Travel Policy Jun-07
12 Adviser Selection and Appointment Policy Jun-07
13 Delegations and Sub-Delegations Authorities Policy (most recently refreshed date – initial policy approved October 2002) Jun-07
14 Fraud Policy Jul-07
15 Employee Code of Conduct Jul-07
16 Communications Policy Jul-07
17 Events Policy Jul-07
18 Business Continuity Management Policy Aug-07
19 Information Management Policy Aug-07
20 Information Technology Policy Aug-07
21 Project Management Policy Aug-07
22 Investment Funding Policy Sep-07
23 Interim Counterparty Policy Sep-07
24 Securities Lending Policy Sep-07
25 Procurement Policy Sep-07
26 Human Resources Policy Sep-07
27 Investment Manager Monitoring Policy Oct-07
28 Board Members Code of Conduct Policy (not yet approved by the Board) -
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