Maintaining and renewing the rail network.

Ballast is crushed rock laid to form a track-bed for rail sleepers. It creates an even surface for the track and helps with drainage.

Code documents are controlled documents that set out standards and guidance for the rail network. The code documents form part of Ontrack's safety system.

Electric traction assets include assets such as substations and overhead wires. They provide electricity to power the trains.

Line or line segment means a particular part of the rail network with a specific start and end point.

Maintenance activities keep an asset in good working order. Maintenance does not include replacing the asset.

A modern equivalent asset replicates an asset with the most cost-effective asset that performs the same level of service.

The National Rail Access Agreement sets out the arrangements between the Crown and Toll NZ Consolidated Limited for the rail network (excluding the Auckland urban rail network).

OIL is short for Ontrack Infrastructure Limited, a subsidiary company of Ontrack.

Ontrack is the trading name of New Zealand Railways Corporation.

Rail network in this report means the track, structures, and signals, telecommunications, and electric traction assets that Ontrack is responsible for. The rail network extends throughout New Zealand.

A rail participant is defined in the Railways Act 2005 as any of an infrastructure owner, a rail vehicle owner, a railway premises owner, an access provider, a rail operator, a network controller, a maintenance provider, a railway premises manager, or any other class of person prescribed as a rail participant by regulations.

Renewal is work to replace an asset that has reached the end of its life with a modern equivalent asset.

Safety case refers to information that rail participants (including Ontrack) must prepare to meet requirements within the Railways Act 2005. Safety cases are approved by Land Transport New Zealand. The safety case must be underpinned by, and consistent with, the rail participant's safety systems.

Safety system is Ontrack's written record of its management and operational policies and practices for the safe conduct of its rail activities. Land Transport New Zealand conducts regular safety assessments to check that Ontrack complies with its safety systems.

Service levels refer to the quality of services provided by an asset or group of assets.

Structure assets include bridges, tunnels, and culverts.

Track assets include rail, sleepers, and ballast.

Upgrade means totally new assets or replacing assets with something better.

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