Appendix 2: Expectations for following plans and procedures

Maintaining and renewing the rail network.

For the purposes of our performance audit, we set out our expectations of how Ontrack would follow its plans and procedures for managing day-to-day maintenance and renewal work on the rail network. Our expectations were:

Detailed criteria for demonstrating that plans and procedures for day-to-day work have been followed
(bracketed numbers indicate the link between these criteria and criteria in Appendix 1)
2.1 Work in operational plans is done (1.1)
  • The status/progress of work items in operational plans is recorded.
  • Progress against operational plans is reviewed.
2.2 Service delivery mechanisms are followed (1.4)
2.3 Work standards are followed (1.6)
  • There are systems to check that work is done to the required standards or specifications.

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