Appendix 4: The 2007/08 international peer review

Annual plan 2007/08.

We have commissioned an independent peer review of our organisation, to be undertaken by an international panel in 2007/08. The results will let us know whether we are operating effectively and efficiently, and in accordance with good practice.

A peer review or voluntary developmental quality assurance review evaluates how well an Auditor-General’s office is doing, by looking at whether we are:

  • doing the right things (purpose); and
  • doing things right (processes).

The review will generally follow the Australasian Council of Auditors-General Peer Reviews and Voluntary Development Quality Assurance Reviews – Core Reference Modules. This process comprises core reference modules to assist a review team in addressing a combination of effectiveness and efficiency objectives in relation to an office or component area.

The 2007/08 peer review will cover the following standard module areas:

  • performance measures;
  • general quality controls;
  • financial audit engagements;
  • performance audits; and
  • general management practices.

The reviewers have also been asked to take account of matters including the respective roles of the business units, and in particular address areas of work of the Office of the Auditor-General covering:

  • select committee support;
  • inquiries;
  • strategic audit planning;
  • the model for allocating annual audits; and
  • annual audit fee setting and fee monitoring practices.
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