Appendix 3: Approach and method used for our stakeholder survey

Annual plan 2007/08.

In our Annual Plan 2006-07 we outlined how we would use a stakeholder feedback study to measure Parliament’s and other key stakeholders’ perceptions of:

  • any change to the trustworthiness of public entities, and their effectiveness and efficiency; and
  • the relevance of, and value added, by our reports and advice, and their timeliness.

We indicated our intention to use a stakeholder survey to assess the quality of specified reports.

In 2007/08 we will again conduct a stakeholder survey, to measure how Parliament and other key stakeholders perceive the quality, relevance, usefulness, and timeliness of our reports and advice.

Using an independent consultant, we will survey a sample of stakeholders comprising 50% of select committees, a selection of central agencies, and other representative groups. Our questions will cover the stakeholders’ satisfaction with specific reports and types of advice and ask about aspects such as relevance, usefulness, and timeliness.

Where possible and appropriate, we will use questions in the 2007/08 survey that will allow results to be compared to the results of the 2006/07 survey, to assess any changes in stakeholder perceptions between the two surveys.

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