Statement of significant underlying assumptions

The forecast financial statements on pages 37-56 have been compiled on the basis of existing Government policies and after consultation by the Auditor-General with the Speaker and the Officers of Parliament Committee. The main assumptions are that:

  • The Auditor-General’s portfolio of entities will remain substantially the same as for the previous year.
  • The Auditor-General will continue to deliver the range of products currently provided, and will also be in a position to deliver new products, or existing products in new ways, to cope with changing demands.
  • The scale of annual audits will remain substantially the same.
  • The balance of activity associated with advice to Parliament and others, and inquiries will continue to be variable because of increases in demand and the effects of the Public Audit Act 2001.
  • The Auditor-General will continue to use audit expertise from both Audit New Zealand and the private sector.

These assumptions are adopted as at 5 April 2006.

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