Introduction by the Controller and Auditor-General

This report is designed to provide a comprehensive description of the projected performance of the Audit Office for 2000-2001. Information is also provided about the purpose and goals of the Office so the Office’s 2000-2001 plans can be seen in context. The report is in four parts:

  • Part 1 provides a brief explanation of the purpose, concerns, outcomes, outputs and organisation of the Audit Office. Information is included to show how the Office’s 2000-2001 plans relate to the purpose of the Office.
  • Part 2 provides information about the operating goals of the Audit Office and key strategies that it uses to discharge its statutory duties.
  • Part 3 summarises the Audit Office’s planned performance for 2000-2001. Plans are presented in relation to:
  • The outputs that will be provided by the Office. These plans show how I intend to discharge my responsibilities as Controller and Auditor-General2.
  • The stewardship (organisational management and development, and financial results) of the resources entrusted to the Office. These plans demonstrate how I intend to discharge my responsibilities as Chief Executive.
  • Part 4 contains the forecast financial statements of the Audit Office for 2000-2001, and includes detailed statements of objectives for service performance for each output to be provided by the Office.

D J D Macdonald

Controller and Auditor-General
15 May 2000

2 The Controller and Auditor-General is sometimes referred to simply as “the Auditor-General” in the rest of this report.

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