First report for 1998

May 1998.

Most reports published before 1998 are only available in hard copy. If you need a hard copy of this report, please e-mail or call us (+64 4 917 1534).

Articles in the report

  1. The Audit of the 1996-97 Statements of Account
  2. Indemnification of Members and employees from Personal Liability
  3. Managing the Risks to Assets Providing Essential Community Services
  4. Franchising the Papakura Water and Wastewater Systems
  5. Regional Councils – Maintaining River Protection Works
  6. Compliance With Generally Accepted Accounting Practice
  7. Experience With the New financial Management Regime
  8. Funding Depreciation
  9. Assessing Benefits and Costs for All Options
  10. Approach to the 1997-98 Audits
  11. Are Local Authorities Ready for the Year 2000?
  12. The Benefits of an Audit Committee
  13. Airport Authorities
  14. Energy Companies
  15. Cemetery Trustees and Reserve Boards