Observations from our central government work in 2022/23

14 December 2023: This report sets out the operating environment for central government, our observations about performance reporting across central government, the results of our audit of the Financial Statements of the Government of New Zealand for the year ended 30 June 2023, and our work carrying out the Controller function.
John Ryan

"Although there is good practice in how some public organisations report on aspects of their performance, we continue to see reporting that points out how busy public organisations have been rather than what they have achieved."

Central government cover photo

Our report

After the Auditor-General’s overview, we describe the operating environment for central government and discuss how the government reports on its performance. We summarise our audit of the Government’s financial statements and the main features of our Controller work in 2022/23. Related to that, the Appendix describes how appropriations work.

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For the media

You'll find supporting material in the Media kit. There is an Epub, a PDF of the report, a high-resolution photo of the report spokesperson, and downloadable versions of the figures.

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