Appendix 1: Survey questions

Our observations on local government risk management practices.
Does your council have a clearly defined framework for managing risk?
Please explain why your council does not have a defined framework for managing risk.
What is the framework for managing risk based upon?
Does your council have a dedicated risk manager role?
Please briefly explain why your council does not have a dedicated risk manager role.
What role within your council does the dedicated risk manager report to?
How many full time equivalents (FTEs) are there in your council that have risk management as a dedicated component of their role (as specified in their job/role description)?
What is the primary role that your council's Risk and Assurance Committee (or equivalent) plays in relation to risk management?
Please list what your council has identified as its top 5 risks.
If the following: climate change; financial management, and/or; provision of infrastructure; do not feature in your top 5 risks, where do they sit in your council's risk management priorities (please answer as numbers). If you have mentioned any of these 3 issues as your answers to the previous question, please simply re-enter the position(s) they belong to in the top 5 list of risks.
What support, guidance and tools would help your council to improve the maturity of its risk management?